About Me

My name is Atul Tayade, and I’m a hobbyist turned freelance travel, event and  wedding photographer based in New Delhi, India.

I have done MBA in Finance after doing my Bachelors in Engineering (It is said that this combination gives good opportunities in one’s career). Rightly so, I have been working with an infrastructure financing company for the last five years as a financial advisor.

Two years back my brother got me my first DSLR and since then my camera became my best friend and I fell in love with photography (second to my wife though). I started photography as a weekend photographer, attended quite a few workshops by experts in wildlife, wedding, street and studio (fashion) photography.  I never really liked the controlled environment of a studio and opted for wedding (Indian weddings is a chaos in itself), events and street photography.

To me photography is like time travel. A person’s emotion and memory attached with a photograph, plays with the complex network of circuits in the brain taking him/her back in time. I truly believe that a person should always document his life by way of photographs for him and for his closed ones.