Facebook Profile Pictures At Rs. 40000

Today morning I saw an interesting article in a leading newspaper having the Headline “Facebook Pic @ Rs. 40000”.
The article talks about youngsters spending huge amounts to Look Good Online.

This got me thinking for a while. Not going further into the discussion as to whether or not youngsters should spend a bomb to look good online, I felt that this is a good opportunity for me as a photographer. This News brings to me a new segment of clients to me as a professional photographer.
The demand for fashion or glamor photography by the masses is a reality now. It’s not limited to models and actors (established or aspiring). It will only increase with the time, digital social integration and new application and hi tech devices. However the requirements for this opportunity are simple. You will not require a regular studio set up or tons of studio equipment as the clients would want pictures which are natural looking and shows some creativity or art in capturing the moment.

The choice of the clients would be to get the pictures made at home, office space, streets of the city, restaurants, cafes and public transport etc.
The location could be anything to give a more natural and candid look.

I have started working on a package to deliver a “Professional Facebook Portfolio in Delhi”. The package would include artistic and natural looking photographs at different locations/spots in the city. It will cover all times of the day i.e during mornings, evening and nights.

Stay tuned for updates!!

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