First Post

So here I am commencing my blog journey on my new website and new venture on photography. I am totally confused whether I should start blogging on this site or only put photographs. But then I feel blogging could be beneficial to my business in the long run.

How do I put my first post? What should I be putting in my first post? Should the post be a tutorial or photo with a story behind it? Should I put some video or a post about my current photographic gear? Or the best should I put some Photographic resolutions for the next year now that this year is coming to an end.

So after thinking for the last 2 minutes, “Yes”, only two minutes (c’mon I won’t waste my time on what to write in my blog, I have more important things to do) I came up with the following things to be done with my blog

  1. A 365 days photo project (I am ruling it out now as I know it will be a burden over the next year)
  2. A self portrait project with a limited 20 quirky/unusual shots of mine.
  3. A weekly photo walk and the displaying it on the blog
  4. One lens one camera covering the whole city of Delhi
  5. Shooting the backs of odd statements on the trucks in the city of Delhi
  6. Putting up Photoshop tutorials
  7. Some creative in house/studio (I don’t own a studio and don’t want one)
  8. As always a tutorial series on photography
  9. A photography book (tutorial or otherwise)
  10. A video book (I will sell it ;)) but then it’s a long shot

These are the 10 top things that came to my mind in the last 2 minutes and I wrote it down. After looking at the list for a long 20 minutes I guess I should go with the following. For my Photography I think I shall choose no. 4 , no. 3  and no. 2 necessarily in that order. For my blog I think I should put up point no. 8, no. 9 not necessarily in that order and I can’t ask the readers of the blog as there are none as of now (damn it’s so childlike to put the first post)

I hope I find time to be regular on my blog but who knows what’s in store in the next year. I also feel  I should make a video log along with the blog posts. This would be a better idea as most of us also like to watch videos instead of reading it.

Till the next time and next post Ciao!!

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